1. That the provisions set out here shall apply on participations of the member exporters in virtual fair, during their active participation in virtual IHGF Delhi Fair which is subject to certain conditions agreed by the participants.
  2. The last date for submission of the application Form/consent form for participation in virtual fair is 14th June, 2020. Only applications received along with the prescribed application fees shall be considered. Incomplete forms received are liable to be rejected.
  3. It is mandatory to fill in all the columns of the Application Form.
  4. The Applicant must be member of EPCH.
  5. The Virtual IHGF Delhi Fair is a web-based software access to the virtual platform which will include various features and functionality where the buyer and seller can meet.
  6. It is fully in knowledge of the exhibitor/end user that EPCH is a third party web-based software to host this virtual fair where the terms and privacy policy of third party shall equally applicable upon the exhibitors/end users/ participants and same will be in addition to the terms and conditions of the EPCH.
  7. The refund of any amount either on account of excess payment or due to non-allotment or withdrawal/cancellation of participation shall not bear any interest and shall be subject to deduction of the application processing fees as decided by the competent authority. However, refund would be made within 45 days after the close of the virtual exhibition.
  8. No refund be made, if the withdrawal/cancellation be done 15 days prior to the virtual fair.
  9. The EPCH reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the virtual fair or Expo or change or revise visiting hours for reasons beyond its control. No claim whatsoever shall be entertained from any exhibitor/ Visitor on this account.
  10. The EPCH reserves the right to allot/allocate/reallocate or reject the application for the participation in the virtual fair and further have right to locate and relocate the booth.
  11. The EPCH reserves the right to change the layout, add or delete screen which may affect the orientation of stalls. Its decision in this regard shall be final and binding. The layout of the stands shall be determined by the EPCH and shall be final and binding.
  12. In case exhibitors/participants gets any location which is not favorable for him/her due to any reasons then EPCH will not be liable for any compensation to the exhibitor.
  13. The Competent Authority of EPCH reserves the right to accept the application for space allotment, reduce the size of the stall/Screen. It reserves the right to Include, Enlarge, Mix and Merge or Club any of the product sections.
  14. If the total space requirement is more than the space available for allotment, the EPCH reserves the right to devise reasonable criteria for allotment of space.
  15. Space will be allocated to exhibitors/companies by name of organisation and sharing or sub-letting or sub-licensing will not be allowed under any circumstances.
  16. The Exhibitor warrants that content provided by him/her will not infringe, misappropriate or violate intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy of any third party.
  17. That Exhibitor further undertakes that the participants/exhibitor shall not infringe, misappropriate or violates any intellectual property rights including artwork and designs of other Exhibitors, either the same is registered or unregistered. Whatsoever be on display during the virtual fair, must be the Exhibitors/participants own creation.
  18. In case the EPCH receives any complaint from the buyer’s about the quality / delivery or any other issue related with a shipment or order booked by any exhibitor, the EPCH shall examine the complaint and take necessary action to resolve the issue. However, if the exhibitor is found to be at fault, they may be disqualified from participating in future fairs as per the General Exhibitor Rules.
  19. The Exhibitors hereby confirm that during this Virtual Fair, they shall be responsible and liable for the correct display of its products either in terms of colour, shape, size, description of their products etc.
  20. If at any stage it is found that any applicant does not fulfill the eligibility criteria as and when set by the EPCH or that the applicant has made a false declaration or mis-statement in the application for allotment of space, the EPCH reserves the right to cancel the participation at any stage before or during the Virtual Fair.
  21. Display of their products upon this virtual space will be strictly for business visitors and invitees.
  22. That subject to payment, customization of stalls shall be done by the EPCH or any other party as and when decided by the EPCH where the Exhibitors shall upload their products within the time prescribed and upon closure of this virtual fair, the Participants are expected to remove their uploaded products.
  23. For any wrong upload of any products, the Exhibitors himself shall be liable and responsible.
  24. Participation charges include charges for web-based space. Exhibitors wishes to customize their booth be charged extra. No alterations to the customize booth shall be permitted.
  25. Participant’s is allowed to use its name Fascia where the screen carrying the name facia be also bears the name of EPCH alongwith its logo and name of the third Party, providing this web-based solution.
  26. The EPCH reserves the right to cancel allotted booth if any applicant is found to be indulging in a malicious campaign against the organisers. The EPCH also reserves the right to restrain any participant from displaying exhibits which the EPCH finds objectionable and/or same be infringement of IPR of others.
  27. The Exhibitors/ participants shall be bound by the general Non-Disclosure Agreement and confidentiality clause while participating and even after the participation in virtual fair.
  28. The EPCH reserves the right of selection, position of advertisements and editing of advertisement material upon the web.
  29. For any other disputes, the decision of the EPCH Expo Committee shall be final and binding on the applicant/participant.
  30. The EPCH can extend the total exhibition area, add additional halls or participants.
  31. The EPCH does not take any responsibility for or guarantee the procurement of any business or trade enquiry in the virtual fair. Further, the EPCH is not liable for any bonafide participation of any buyers.
  32. The Exhibitors/Participants are aware that they are participating in a web-based virtual fair and therefore EPCH shall not be responsible for any damage/theft/infringement of their design/IPR by buyer or any other. Further, EPCH shall have no liability in case of cyber attack or hacking of any this web-based solution by any miscreants.
  33. The participation in this Virtual Fair does not guarantee or give preferential status for space allotment in future fairs unless otherwise decided by the EPCH.
  34. The Competent Authority of the EPCH, keeping in view the objectives of the EPCH may exercise discretionary powers. The general exhibition rules and SoP’s privacy policy be provided with the application form and during the virtual fair and same is to be complied by Exhibitors in its letter and spirit. The same are to be complied by all the exhibitors and a copy of the same duly signed and stamped is to be submitted along with the application form.
  35. The Courts in Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all disputes.
  36. The participant will be participating in the fair at their own risk and cost.
  37. The Exhibitors are aware that this fair is virtual fair and therefore they are aware with risk involved while participation in such fair in terms of data etc. The liability of EPCH in case of any technology failure or otherwise shall be restricted only to the extent of participation charges deposited with the EPCH and nothing else.
  38. The Exhibitor shall himself defend or contest any third party claim, in case of any violation of IPR or other rights of anyone’s.
  39. Exhibitor agrees that Exhibitor will not display, post, upload, store, exchange or transmit any sensitive information on or through the web-based Application.
  40. The Exhibitors shall itself confirms the safety and security of this web-based virtual fair where the Exhibitor confirms its participation voluntarily.
  41. The interpretation of these rules by the EPCH will be final.